суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Those who seek to invent

I never Readiness. I can not even knitting. This is what distinguishes me from some other people. And a few of them apparently wondering how many stitches because they just zurechtgestrickt. This family knows the inventor Council Because she has a knit stitch counters invented. But that's not enough. With zeal düsengetriebenem invent anything, what you never dreamed of and that you never have dared to ask. Anti-ant-picnic blankets with double-sided tape, "Bumelade" so that we no longer annoying Zweischrittigkeit until butter and then jam on the bread must foam, with the pictures we paint on the grass, a Klositz with vibrating massage, so that ' the faster and more convenient fliutscht or Schwimmbrillen with compressed air cartridge glasses complaints against papers, a sound for pain perception, a Fischdosenspritzschutz, scissors, the paper collects ... Very surprising.

He found and discovered by the Nuf

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