суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Her with the title!

Brain coils on, very sharp thinking and win! Because I have a problem. My dissertation is about to start, and although I rarely am embarrassed by the words, and the issue is clearly defined, I am still missing the title, the whole thing sparkles and crisp to the point. I have intensively with the issue, but the exact and precise clip, the subject of investigation and almost precisely formulated in a few words, I will not really succeed. Zig tests, but as yet almost every passing geschrammt; No one has made me really happy. For the application I need now but the final title.

In this respect, I am writing here a spontaneous competition. I schildere you what I planned, and you go in you and tried to find crisp to the point. The best title wins a prize! (Undoubtedly very seriously!) As profit beckons the winner of a selected me himself novel , then a short time later in the winner Mailbox land. Minderwertiger Murks like Poertgen-Herder is not verscheuert. The jury for the award is made up of myself as a superb cast.

What's also going to be? It will go to a comparison of synchronous communication modes, ie different ways in real time to communicate with each other. Specifically, I plan to compare Face-to-Face-Kommunikation (ie, the direct encounters with other eye to eye), telephone and chat with respect to the information-sharing in the work mode and with a special view of perception and emotion. What can I do to what mode me a picture of the comparison to make, even by his emotional mood situations? Based on what charms and instructions from my picture emerges communications partner, as is taking the identity of education?

"Communication and emotion in real time. A comparative analysis of synchronous communication modes in view of the possibilities of the perception of emotion expression and identity design "- a little bumpy, a little long for me so far failed.

In principle, yes Face-to-Face-Kommunikation are all sensory perceptions are available. I get the content of the conversation, I can comparison incidentally also see posture and gesture lane, I can tune the language exercise, see how the opposite dresses, it may affect etc. .. And just gestures / facial expressions (nonverbal) and the voice melody (paraverbal) are so important transmitter of emotion expressions. What happens if I use the comparison and his gestures / facial expression can no longer see when suddenly both communications partner spatially separated in different environments and contexts participate on the same conversation, perhaps not even ever seen? How is compensated him that I (as in the chat) not even hear, and the whole thing rather to a sort of "to the language spoken angelehntem written drama without dramatic concept", "never comes to performance?

The Tour left the legal route is excluded, a presentation of the prize to myself will not take place.

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