суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Sound Wood

From Switzerland will stockende flying objects thrown across the border. Michelle's has caught, I follow the invitation.

First A track .. From your earliest childhood.

As a four Zweieinhalbkäsehoch brought me through clever, even when watching the record player in the living room to operate. Besides Georges Moustaki, and the first two albums in the Dire Straits belonged primarily Hannes Wader to my discoveries. All too happy to primarily "Hannes Wader sings songs workers." And so as I moved through the tiny Steppke amuses East Frisian home village and sang "On to the fight, to fight, to fight, we are born" ... Before my parents took me to the chest and I kindly suggested, but perhaps now prefer a different song to sing. Since I did not understand what I sang and I Rosa Luxemburg for a maximum plüschpinkes neighbor stopped, I just felt that it seemed more appropriate songs for munteres walking through the neighborhood there.

Second A track .. You with your first great love assoziierst.

R.E.M. Night Swimming

Third A track .. The yourself to a holiday recalls.

"Exit music (for a film)" in the wonderful piano-jazz interpretation of Brad Mehldau Trio. In "fnac" in Bordeaux, these guided me throughout the France-1999 on vacation and still conjures images forgotten again.

Fourth A track .. Whatever you in the public do not want to admit so glad that you like him quite like it.

The trend, I think nothing of gustatory blinders. Permits, and what do you like lots. If, then perhaps "Blue (dabadidabadai)" by Eiffel 65, in the original while schröcklichst arranged, but in the version for piano selbstarrangierten suddenly almost irresistible.

Fifth A track .. The thee-plagued by lovelorn accompanied.

"How come your arms are not around me" from Kristofer Ĺstrřm & Hidden Truck. Has the black darkness rather verdüstert then, I was desperate longing but exactly.

Sixth A track .. You in your life probably heard most frequently spotted.

Difficult. Probably "Alice Childress" by Ben Folds Five debut.

Seventh A track .. The instrumental is your favorite.

The 2nd Sentence, the incredible Adagio from the 7th Symphony of Anton Bruckner (1883), which he on the death of Richard Wagner wrote. Unbelievably great music.

Eighth A track .. One of your favorite bands represented.

Achherrje, which is difficult. There are too many. But I suppose "Fog (again)" by Radiohead.

Ninth A track .. In which you yourself wiederfindest or where you are on a certain way feel understood.

Motor Psycho - Vortex surfer

10th A track .. The thee to a specific incident reminds (& what that is).

The very first kiss my first great love, I swapped its former parent before my disco to Trent Reznors words, "I want to fuck you like an animal" from Nine Inch Nails "Closer."

Eleventh A track .. At the best you can relax.

Again, the scenery was not appropriate. One of many possible answers is "Sicut cervus desiderat ad fontem" by Giovanni da Palestrina.

Twelfth A track .. For a really good time in your life.

Kettcar - dikes ... Almost exactly a year-then still very fresh and with rotweinverschüttetem Esprit.

Thirteenth A track .. The moment your favorite song.

One hardly answerable question chases the next. In short, almost spontaneously: "Last cruces jail" Two Gallants.

14th A track .. You devote your best friend would.

"Serpentine" by dEUS.

15th A track .. Where you have the feeling that it unless you like nobody listens.

"Too young" Blow Beat.

16th A track .. You mainly because its lyrics like.

A great many: The Weakerthans - Pamphleteer

17th A track .. Neither German nor English, and you very amusing.

"Mister Mayers Inst" By Kaizers Orchestra, "Ŕ étoile ton" of Noir Désir, "Glósloli" by Sigur Rós ... Hach, the Beschränlung to a single song mellows.

18th A track .. At the best you can abreagieren.

Tool-Stinkfist or Fall Of Troy-F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.

19th A track .. At your funeral should be played.

The Nocturne in B flat minor by Chopin. Even if I have no wish to waste thoughts here.

20th A track .. You be the best of all time would expect.

From practicing guitarist zergniedelt, ausgelutscht and overstaying ... And yet, "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. And here would have a whole armada of other stroke of genius deserves to be mentioned, but ...

Weitergeworfen will not. Who likes's notes. But I would be interested in answering the following confessing music fanatics, for example, Burnster incredible, even if the floor to allergy suffers, Miss Fox, Ally, Nora, MC angle or Enno. Take it or leave it, anybody.

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