суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Fifty years to eat your chicken

A half-century was the bird tinned since moved Les Lailey zuleibe around the plate. The mid-fifties, he got it done. From his tender bride Beryl, as part of a Präsentkorbs. A canned chicken in jelly. What a delicacy. As his eyeball herded Les since the magnificent gift, it is like a hidden treasure. Before furtive glances dawned hidden the rifle plate decades previously. And now, fifty years later, to the golden wedding of the two doses was the chicken on the table, which was tastefully Canned turned on. "It tasted wonderful, most a little too salty," said Les. But he says as Sole; His wife, with whom he is still happily, was overwhelmed by caution and dared the roast. Fifty-year-old meat had her stomach skeptical suspect, even if not the hint of danger of bird flu there. So she left her faithful husband gelled the spring animal. The made her happy, beat all the concerns about a decades expired shelf date in the wind-without the slightest Magengrummeln afterwards.

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