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Hit it like Hazelwood

Outside clangs the night. Ice cold bites as with the Vampirzähnchen just lying skin. The breath breath clouds above the lips. Inside knuspert one by ofenfrische pizza, yaps, laughs, pulls genüsslich at the dump, bevels the beer bottle and lays his head in the neck for the rest of Schlücke beer from the bottle to sip. Fun and relaxed Gewusel. You know it, yes, so students Parties. The Arctic Monkeys dance from the pits. Since Jays phone rings.

"Hey man, Hazelwood here. Age, geht'n what else? Bisse Where? Let draufmachen a ma! "
"I am in grad ner private party."
"Yes super age, horny as pearls or what?"
"Geil, I am there."
"Wait 'times before I ask briefly."
"Boah, how are you there? I come over. Sachmal where. "
"No, wait 'times."
"Sach and I come clearly?"

And as Jay submit it away and still asks. And clearly, the Hazelwood come. Only you have to know, Jay has forgotten the host to tell what this one is, of Hazelwood. But Jay was also good wine. As ever dreamed of the memory in deep feather beds, it's about something. And then he goes off, the Hazelwood collected. Because he has already been well tanked. Is it always bad to houses and roads, which otherwise always a shit. It was never there, or had never been there, and what should we be huge pile of stuff to remember that you never again need eh?

And then suddenly both are back in the hallway, and the Hazelwood with partners like Grützwurst nose and eyes like goulash soup. His shoulders bulligen überschlabbert a football jersey of the English national team, his cowboy step is in hamburgerbrötchenfarbenen Baggypants at half-mast. And ne hairdo between Tingeltangel-Bob Atze and Schroeder. And there he stood still, the Hazelwood, and except for the Jay knows he does not. Rumms! Because he is first in the empty living room on the couch. And nen ordentlischen first sip sugar cane liquor. Pop And that must be noticed that the most ne birthday party. The hosts also for the rest of the bottle gift, because he should be happy if he ever gets what.

And yet not so sharp devices on the party as promised. And funny music. So stuff that the whole ticks and wannabe rocker hear it. But the Hazelwood has his Gabba-CDs forgotten. After a buffet. And so he breaks the first half of focaccia bread and grabs with the regular Pranken nen Batzen tomato butter from the bowl. And sweeps the entire plate of peppers. What, was the second pizza plate thought? Who are you and what do you want from me? Go shit, age!

And then back into the living room and the first video shelf checked. Couple this very hot streaks. And first Train Spotting removed and the recorder and pushed the door, because otherwise is too loud, the whole Gesabbel of people. And, I tell you, the Hazelwood and Jay have ne first half-hour video watching. There is the host, which then has occurred and then asked if they do not feel well, and so on, and that Videogucken ner Party already rather unusual. Well, the Hazelwood is not Unmensch. The television is not alone.

Is it then just to the Host room gone. Amélie-Japanese posters on the wall, what a girl Bude. And then just as turned on the tube. In the first boxing match. Hot Shit. And the others have embarrassed and dreingeschaut first nix said. And found the Hazelwood then but enormous behämmert and then gradually went into the kitchen. The Hazelwood has also found the DVD and first since so much thrown into the player. What matters is for cowards. Was too stupid to's on. Now go watch boxing. But then the first reading easy chair from the corner and plucked clean, the middle of the room. I tell you, as a bold, he dagelegen Pasha. Wide legs, feet aufm desk chair, and then only "boah cool" and "hau him the Omme broken, you Drecksau!" Hollered. Just as at home. And the hosts took the whole ungefragte behavior pretty shit. His Faust has repeatedly shrugged, I tell Dir But he is so well-educated. But it was getting a little tense, because I tell you, when Hazelwood you never know whether the non - when nobody was looking at-what is inserted, the other would later miss.

And then still Magenknurren at Hazelwood. So the rest away from the buffet. And even with the tongue licked off the cake platter. When the head of tomato soup like to also put in the pot, but then so were olle philistine in the way. So back then. And weitergeguckt. Tomato butter with the fingers in the trousers just mopped. Scheißegal. Sah then a little like the blood of children's corpses, which Geschmiere. And without hot pearls, and only with such comic Uni-Heinis is also boring. So I made the rest of the sugar cane liquor and collard purely so in the throat. And beside Jay ashamed because this is actually a very dear. And he has also noticed how the bescheuert Hazelwood now found all. "Ey, I will ne Olle, age! Let ma geh'n into the Black Sheep! Or somewhere where we can still make it clear beads! " And so taumelten of Hazelwood and Jay eventually go. Because of Hazelwood would still ne pearl. He came but only up to the bus for home. And since it has the Jay reingesetzt then. The rest of the ceremony took place in turn, not so wrong that the Hazelwood rather go somewhere else. So really liked him, they had not.

(Still up: Joining the title contest)

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