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The quiet spell over the summer near the north beach

Cozy is the sun rays through their warm dust in the air to the Helmholtzplatz slide. We enter a typical house at the Prenzlauer Berg. The entrance door to the barren whitewashed house floor is smeared with graffiti, whose salary probably even the sprayers themselves now forgotten. Come clean and the same right as resident Kathrin and her lovable Teenie-Sohn Max now and she likes to paint. The houses, which she paints, as seen from the houses that they paint Well, almost. Then you can then compare how different it must have if the houses at some times different. Perhaps we could also sell it, but so far no one is interested in that. As long as they reject being on zuckerkulörfarbenen coal furnace. Even if Kathrin use the money well.

The little paradise high above the street

Because Max longs finally jogging shoes with built-in air conditioning, shock suspension and other gimmicks to have that in his friends and especially his sport, secret love ones. But work has Kathrin currently none. And with nearly forty, no! Neununddreißigeinhalb, it is trained for a show advertising designer not so easy for a new job. Especially when one is shy. They müht, visited Assessment Center courses, the success hides, but continued somewhere in the bushes of the neighborhood, the hood wearers secretly pee, if none is looking. Currently, it has enough for now. But it really works very little. Panties are still scattered across, could be bought again, except Schoko-Flakes, milk, wine and vodka is almost nothing in the house. Wine and vodka hike until late in the night with the top attic. There has Kathrin's best friend Nike pastellgestrichenes their empire and a small concrete balcony on which the whole aptly mild summer night talk, laugh, drink and dream. From wonderful professions, the right faustgenau dream man, a bit more easily in everyday life. With blood geweiteten beschwingt-benebeltem cars and awareness can also talk to the ex telephone pranks or pharmacist to concoct.

The whirl through life

With too much liquor in the blood stream and hoarse laugh strumpelt Kathrin often only in the morning back into their verschluderte Butze. Often with such great Gerumpel that Max distracted from their sleep scares. The next day, the empty bottles as thick as the head. Träge peels, Kathrin until around midday from the sheets, while the kecke Nike shrill in their provocative clothes and knatschengen have their daily morning tour starts at her job, dependent old people to look after. Because in the mind of the schrumpelfaltigen Kauzes Oskar reigns again rollercoaster. Just his dead wife to visit, the coffee jar is on your own in the hearth scrabbled and the loo flushes itself miraculously still not by itself greise Mr. Neumann lies motionless with his verhutzelten Alm-Öhi-Bart in bed and surprise: it has yet to school. And the mischievous Helene frets kuhblöden again with her daughter around, her daily accordion playing, and above all, the beloved penny Charm lectures ban. Shortly afterwards, Kathrin almost on the streets of a carpet-truck übergebügelt, with the horrors of them, but suddenly takes the lives of all those involved surprising turns ...

It seems like it is

An intriguing fragile Idyll characterized Andreas Dresen with fine line in his film "Summer in front balcony." Fully unflattering and loving eye for detail, he has his characters and accompanies them with a view to their warmherzigem trips through life-at Straucheln and failure, in the delicate moments of happiness and in the hours just before the abyss, with their sehnsuchtsvollen Schwelgen, in the small sensations and disasters, while airy upgrades and harsh dreamier bursting bubbles. Alcoholism and death, love and life, sex and frustration, child and pub. The kodderschnäuzigen and often verschmitzten dialogues are wonderfully refreshing and nowhere.

The center of things

On miraculously creates Dresen, Sponaneität to stage and the exact tightrope walk between ungestelltem, heart zerknirschender refreshing wit and melancholy. Nowhere kitschy, nowhere flat. Here are jam-Aldi and Lidl-Cola for breakfast, with the loving devotion to the low-cost dishes served, the underwear still hangs over warped chair. Everything seems coherent in its fragility, which is the life-nothing. It is as if you have a clear view in a strange life. As would be the third man in the league, the middle sternüberfunkelter summer nights behind the struppigen flowers with Nike and Kathrin albert on the balcony, was sitting with them in the evening beer at the bar of the pub around the corner, in the middle of the loud and quiet, funny and sad moments. Bolstered by the film is totally unpretentious and genuine game of the actors who kauzigen and complex characters to life, sensitive and mischievous merge with their roles. Added to the atmospheric images, the camera has captured man.

The city in the city and their film

A bit is "Summer In Berlin" for the Prenzlauer Berg, what "Amélie" was Montmartre: A dense atmospheric love letter to a district with his people and his flair. But is "Summer In Berlin" less playful and magically, clings to the fractures and difficulties in life and city, and not just refer to his peculiar, confining, delicate poetry. For me, "Summer In Berlin" almost a small miracle cinema and perhaps the finest German films of recent years.

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