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The laptop misery

Barely more than 03,000 residents live in brummelgemütliche Ihrhove, a small village off the main road from empty after Papenburg Castle. Ostfriesische diaspora. Two-brick houses dawn pushed each other along the small streets. There is a bank, a church, a soccer club, even years ago in the third league played a decrepit station, a blocked Raiffeisen warehouse, the "limit" - a small but very fine indie-disco, Charlys fish shack and a new shopping center at the Ihrener road.

And where exactly would the beam of my anger flammenlodernde a fire ignite, if he only could. For in a small corner between Aldi, and Gammelpizzeria Combi-market squeezes in a little ibid computer store. Tumbe hordes sparwilliger laptop finder racing there, the shack, because the two operators brand laptops used by companies to buy and resell favorable terms. Since I too for the dissertation on the stalk for a possible favorable laptop (as a Christmas gift), I first looked at a shop for used laptops in Munster, I recommended several similar business, but then heard from just one in Ihrhove, 12 km from my home village.

As I said surprised, therefore, also the owner of the store, with whom I shared, albeit two years under him, the primary school attended. Enormst friendly and caring he beat me a friendship price for a IBM-Thinkpad, which indeed was not wrong.

"And weißte what? We are looking for you even among all models, which we reinkriegen, a really great model. You will see. Klasseteil! " Freudig surprised me, I spoke briefly with my father; Then we said. This coming weekend, the computer and then got ready to be picked. Vorfreudig So, I went on the following weekend, again with the Trödelzug of Munster after empty, and from there by car to Ihrhove. Twenty people squeezes into the tiny shop, but not for me predefined device. The trouble, but now good.

My father brought the unit a few days later, my mother found that I gift-da-even at Christmas only to handle themselves so that the special gift of the respected remain. Okay, happy. Then came the Christmas Eve. Among other lovely gifts I grabbed the laptop, joined him and I was happy to set up, pushed the start button. Once he went high, then: Schwock! Blue Screen errors. Crash. Padautz!

The next time is not different. The device angry out of the window to throw my mood would be complied with, but probably my 12-month warranty claims expire. Nix went. And we remind us: "We are looking for you even among all models, which we reinkriegen, a really great model. You will see. Klasseteil! " So, I called on 27 December promptly, described the shortcomings of achso great part, and I was asked to pass it quickly. Made.

"Ah, oh, yes, broken. I look,'s whether I can repair. Call Now afterwards. "
"I need's but quickly, I am starting from tomorrow no longer here and now also need to work."
"Sure, no thing."

He said no. I will, however, slightly annoyed, in the late afternoon. Device broken, fix anything, it must be exchanged, but no straight replacement unit there, all sold. Wars in three days until new ones. In my brodelte it stronger, the eyebrows moved to a pfeilscharfen Winkel.Nun well, in God's name. Even my parents were both owners by telephone again to their disappointment and anger participate. And they even cleared a deadline until 3 In January, for the Neubeschaffung and refurbishing of the equipment. "Super, nice! Of course, by then we will have everything ready. You no longer need to call in advance. "

At the time my father went so again the 25km out and back then, and? Nothing. No device there. "X grad is on the road and gets what. Tomorrow. " The next day I called in the morning, now back from a distance and again in Leer, around my birthday to celebrate. "Yes, device is there, kannste pick up." After lunch I went to the first station, to a very important guest pick and then jump on to the shop. Once again. It was 16h. In an hour at home had a very good, old friend, whom I had not seen the dawn of time, announced.

Like almost to be expected squeezes itself again about 20 customers like daunenbejackte Ölsardinen shop in the "box". About friendly welcome. Oh, and congratulations on the birthday! Twenty minutes of waiting. Then finally. "Yes, ähmnääh, your device ... so where is it ... ähhh ..." He jumped into the rear of chaos populated area. Mr. Hustle outward and oaks of devices. The outwardly exceeding fifteen technicians received individual parts sufficed. Smart! Smart! My unit has now assembled, and soon flüchtigst. He was allowed German keyboard stickers draufpappen, setup. > My neck artery was thicker than Ottfried Fischer and puckerte like a drum roll; My lips were thinner than a scalpel cut.

I wrested the wrong snake shop owner the laptop. Quickly up in the car, okay. Later I noticed the machine was a little faster, but had only half as much RAM as agreed. Well, this can live with. DVDs played fine, as agreed. Since the laptop does obediently peacefully and his service. But I was only a little vorerste week. One of my best friends, I wanted to burn a sampler, this time with the laptop. And? Sure! It is a Nur-Lesen-Laufwerk in it, no burner, as was denied. Even Urschreitherapeuten had frightened before the sound pressure waves, which in my room almost legten.Und rubble? For almost two weeks now, I try to shop by phone to reach. With suppressed number. Does your, it's someone to answer the phone? No. Either is busy or no one takes off. Allegedly, the phone now muted, as the calls the sales talks hinder. I think it is more than a pity and quite annoying. A good business and a good business, there are two pairs of shoes, gentlemen. Already disappointing.

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