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Insights into the National Sports ostfriesischen

Glitzernd drips from the erythematous tip of the nose. The temperature is not more than a zero-sum game, while we spend hours by the cold of the East Frisian Low-level shuffle. Fourteen are we. Twice seven. On narrow streets between small cattle pastures, Wall hedges and tiny farms through. Against Bibbern there is the anticipation of green cabbage. And mulled wine. Against cold finger is gloves.

What do we do? We throw small, heavy balls from Russia to America. Why we do this? We compete in Bosseln, the East Frisian national sport, a sport that so many on the other frozen nose rümpft and in Karachi, Buenos Aires or Los Angeles would be difficult to imagine. Why? It takes for what is not there: small, like a little winding, paved roads and flat with no movement possible. In Ostfriesland find something more frequently if you know, in Karachi, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles barely estimated.

And what do you now, if you have found a road? They meet in groups at approximately 10 to 20 people and one or two Bollerwagen with coffee, tea, biscuits and often and also likes Kruiden, mulled wine, or other clear Kehlenbefeuerern (the truly ambitious athletic Boßler renounce selbstverfreilich on the spirits share). Then, too boßelnde track down, usually about two to three kilometers, once again, and back to cope. Because Bosseln can you imagine how long-distance goal without bowling ball or wide cones without cones.

Now the ball is with Schmackes thrown along the road, in the hope that with every throw greatest possible distance to go. Because the goal is to make the track with as few throws go best with less litter than the opposing team. Special items ( "Schött" or "Schööt"), there is, if a team throws so far that not even the opponents with two litters the same distance.

And so you can stroll along the balls thrown behind, incidentally chats with friend and "enemy", the fires on the roadway sausenden balls or fishes with strange equipment, small Eisenkörben on broomstick (right), the balls from the matschigen Schloot (ditch ), if they too swear by the line abandoned.

After two or three hours refreshing walks through the cold winter, the shivering then an end. As a rule stapft man then in the warm room, where one of the hotly awaited gourmet food in the form of green cabbage or the National Court ostfriesischen "Snirtje" hermachen. Not infrequently, some of the groups at the end of their street Boßeltouren, ball, team and dish twice, with the aim of increasing snake lines closer, the more air with the time in the liquor bottles court has found. That may now but everyone decide for themselves. The true athletes remain more in the East Frisian thermos flask. And the best of the best (there are whole league with competitions) occur every two years, even at the European Championships, has the game but also to Ireland, Holland and England lost.

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