суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

The bitter end

Gel still dripping wet from the glitter hair,
He mellowed as the camera itself.
Oh how shocked we were all suddenly,
, And saw how the dream crumbles to dust.

The giant pink, bent, broken,
The curved front chest swollen with pride punishment.
Thanks lawn after sensational hat's smelled,
But the hopes frozen to stone.

To jump Panther ready, it is flown,
His arm, his leg thwarted chance to chance.
Deeply elastic, he has bent,
And yet crumbled at the end of the Fassance.

A light ball, with sich'rer hand caught,
In sending Hecht leap but then entfleucht,
Zerdepperte the Heldentumsverlangen,
The gala evening shortly before closing contaminated.

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