суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Bon anniversaire!

Cultural tourists, more than ever before with Mörike than travel to Prague reading flow. Perhaps you will hear the closing ceremonies of the World Cup even the Lacrimosa from the Requiem? Perhaps, the World Cup because of the Mozart year completely, as in the time Rattelschneck mutmaßte?

The anniversary marketing machine buzzes as mistaken. According to Einstein now Wolferl. Commemorative have (even in that case) absolute rights, but especially high economic activity. The hype of the giants makes me almost dizzy, almost driven to flee. Listen again next year to hear Mozart.

But one of the greatest composers of music history, despite my distaste for his zähneknirschenden commercial cannibalization deserves to be given a musicology student at the 250th Birthday congratulations. Congratulations, John Chrysostom Wolfgang Gottlieb.

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