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My Life in the Knife Trade

How many dozen times, I have noticed that our views are little more? From your chair, I can judge the exuberent disgust over my mere existence felt. Klär me as to when exactly you such a tremendous part of my life are sure all your lies scratch me, the only aimed at me to plunge into chasms. Pustekuchen! Once again! Werd 'me again of a reaction depends!

Oh, I am bitterly to the walls of sheer ice remember, the emporschossen from nowhere. And I can assure each of the lies, which you ever dreamed you and persuaded you. You blutest me out until I am withered and dried; And I ask not why I stay behind with the dust. Judas kiss, I announce, thanks for all the fish and all the things I am now! I am unverurteilt. Hey, wait kindly! I am still not through with the screaming!

I tell you what, and defend, that you are thinking of nothing better. Verscheuer 'for my life' nen gold bullion. Search you fix someone else before I will be too old. When I refer to the price of beauty live, you will see me with all your shame pay! I erspähe every glimmer of light in your brain coils each time anew when I vorbeigehe only for noise and whispers. My pleasure in my suffering itches me no more. I am beyond your stopwatch lost in the real-time of life is the real life! Remained standing! I am still not through with you!

Do you not trouble you to collect. I was in grad me from the room to verkrümeln, when the door of your judgment zurückschwang. Perhaps halt 'I just inne to attend your show, before then I will go my route. Too many of these childish games hab 'I need to watch. For every minute of every day, which I have agreed, durchwurmt biting me shame. The worst enemies are all too often verflossene friends.

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