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"My parents always thought that verbildet television." Inka kringelt laughs and one of her golden curls to the left index finger. "In that respect, they have the old black and white TV discarded, and Dad has instead work weeks in a doll house carpentered, then on the Fernsehtisch was built. Even with lighted Puppenklo. " Outside, the sun shimmers through the crumpled WOlkendecke how fat stains in butter bread paper. Igor smiles as he tried to sail his ears still a bit forward to turn to better listen to her. His tinnitus fiept again today especially loud. He tilts Gedankeneingesunken coffee, as he looks out the window. The cup is running over, the freshly starched Baumwolltischdecke sucks with brown spots are full. He talks contrite.

Inka can not be swayed picks a cigarette out of the square box, lights it, considering blows genüsslich Kringeln in smoke at the ceiling. So, I have only last week for the first time the Simpsons. " "But your childhood is already at least 15 years ago." "Yes. But we have always played dolls. And I still see little away. " "Strange." "Why?" "Only in this way." "Ach so." "Yes." "My brothers and I have often played that we are pregnant." "Your brothers also?" "Yes, they were bauchhöhlenschwanger." Igor swallowed nearly a Kekskrümel, when he accidentally laughter in the trachea transported. "And dad was also pregnant. But Kreißsaal dad has smoked since he only has a teddy bear was born. " "And you?" "I smoke now. Although I should stop, but I like to smoke. " Inca pulls at her cigarette, closes his eyes, grins and says: "Maybe yes, I get somewhere in a teddy."

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