суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

I met my Mich. (II)

Pigeon eclipse the nocturnal streets was flowing, the moon hid his light behind thick clouds. Some snowflakes danced in the pale light showers of street lanterns. I almost slipped, but beherzter a grip on one of the lanterns saved my pants ground before contact with eismatschigem reason. Before I went, with strubbelschwarzen hair and cozy winter jacket, a young guy, probably as big as me. Since the oats pricked me, I went quicker step behind him, took him almost one and typed him on the left shoulder, a step quickly to the right to do so. He turned around. Sah anyone. His facial features derailed confused. I brought the index finger and said: "Haa-haa!" He grinned spitzbübisch me and said: "What are you only for a fox." The cold lamp license reflected in the entspiegelten scratches his glasses. And I saw that I was he. Then his arm suddenly went high and almost frightened! - He whispered: "Behind you! A dreiköpfiger monkey! " Now I turned schreckerstarrt back. Nothing. A lone Bäckerelieferwagen, lots of darkness, ice cold, lanterns. Then we grinned at each other and said almost simultaneously: "Verarschen I can be alone." Shortly later: "And together it's almost even better."

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