суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

About turnaround

How often had Heinz-Dieter on the roundabouts sworn. An impatient and jähzorniger Schnurrbartträger as he quickly lost the focus. Again and again he kurvte in roads, which he never wanted to travel because he did not understand the signs. Was it perhaps was that Heinz-Dieter barely could read.

Or he does not bog from the rotors and accidentally rammed trucks, cows or helicopter crashed because of a rotary vertigo flushed and confused. "Hach," sighed Heinz-Dieter now before luck when he and his rostroten Scirocco in this traffic circle in the district Emmendingen imports. "Roundabouts, in which only goes straight to lob 'ich mir". He thought and accidentally drove into a red road barrier while trying to abzubiegen.

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