суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Oh, tell, oh!

Kitzelig kullert a Schnötteträne. Among upper lip nose, is being slowed by bereitgehaltenen paper handkerchief. Reißfest. The nose shimmers in dunkelrosé. Cold clanks crystals. Fege Sauseschwitzend I use my ass wire through the shallow street canyons. Even a curve. As it is, the City Theater. Ruins remains blurred reinforced concrete, glass. Lange, I was no longer in it. But tonight. The short Cordjackett zurechtzupfen. The glass doors to welcome me turn around. The scent of Guiseppes mustache whirs through the foyer, I come Otello. Tingle durchsprudelt me. For the first time in a long time I give again an opera.

The sky is full of Blechspeichengewimmel and old lamp shades in the room, the three ranks are lined with Flechtbastplatten. The faded Schick of the seventies. The light goes off, the curtain will be raised. In the dark hall are green Notausgangleuchten position as lamps of a space ship. On stage squats eckigwindschiefer a huge box of steel pipes, the distance to a theater festival recalls. The box is sturmumbraustes ship and rulers palace, ambush, catacomb, garden, rooms behind closed doors at the same time. The eye feels at the sight not flattered, but with time develops the backdrop of their charm. With thunder, and spätromantischem Rumtata schmetternden choirs fetzt the overture to the ears. Then dip the intrigante Sausack Jago, the chronically jealous wood Bock Othello and his charming, unschuldig-schuldige heart Dame Desdemona. Hinterlistig trickles Jago Othello intriganten Mumpitz into his brain, it requires mental horns. According feels this is gehörnt, swings on the Heckmeckmeister. His brain synapses and spit stew before kränkbarer and seemingly betrogener love embers. The Schwelbrand in brain and heart is a large-scale fire, burning everything and burn through because Desdemona who allegedly blown differently.

With wild schwungvollem force and pathos, delicate and lyrical Melos encapsulation umbraust the music from Verdi's opera version of "Otello" our ears. And even if many visitors to the strange Sets for zerrümpfte noses ensures that the voices of dazzling brilliance, the intonation of the sound security body, and especially the diversity of the orchestral nuances timbres astound. One such successful musical opera performances were in my ears no longer in Munster.

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