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The bread knife goes on

The second part saga

Two weeks ago, the. Maybe even three. Since then, Jörg swear in a boiling sea of physical passion Submerged-for the rest of the world disappeared. Also for Gregor. Janine just 20, had an apprenticeship as Floristin canceled and jobs now at the front desk in a strip club schummrigen location on the bottom of the harbor, not far from the Hamburg Mountain. According to Jörg, it germinated in the hope that there will soon also to be able to dance and maybe even Star Revue up. Intellectually rich water they could hardly Jörg, who has his economics studies in a financial consultant for publishing textbooks for Accounting lektorierte.

Memories of the joint bars evening, in which he made the news Jörg had krabbelten from memory, while Gregor briefly from the ears chair rose to a powder cappuccino aufzugießen.

"Intellectuals ... papperlapingpong eye level, I sach you! Too much intellectual eye level to provide time for short-sightedness! You should think less and act more, my dear! Too much spirit paralyzes! If the intellect completely tail and look at the vice pressed, he misplaces dsie view on the essentials. If I try to mind-level stimulate wants hab 'ich but my friends, "Joerg outlined its position. "Not much light up. But front 02,000 volts und'n damp slot, which is the main thing. Man, that's true ne grenades bride! World class, as long as they are not your mouth to speak out toward. Thanks God it does only rarely. " He had impish zugezwinkert Gregor, kumpelhaft him on the shoulder and knocked a metal laughter from the throat clatter. "Only fun!" Then he had two Absacker still be ordered. Gregor had mitgelacht. A little artificial. Then he said only: "Sometimes you are really full Horst, weißte that? But yes, women seem to stand out. " Jörg had energetically pulled at his cigarette. "What you leave a can, old man!" In his new plate-pool mixed with a thin Fiepen. His face swelled red that he had swallowed the smoke.

With Gregor had laughed. But such statements were opinion and not his cup of tea, made for dizziness due to severe Kopfschüttelns. Sure, it also resulted in the sight of a well-shaped female body attractive, tended tingling and the synapses began spontaneously einberufe a chord work shift. Nevertheless.

"Gently sweeping curves, lips moist, tender bites under hot kisses, in the back festkrallen their breath whiff felt in the ear ... Sure, the ravishing, great. Verwuschelte hairs between zerwühlten pillows, wolllüstiges grin after waking up ... Traumhauft! But when the body except Lichen nothing to a woman finds interesting, except the passionate affection is not a level at which you share something with it ... If you make a joke and you only see Glupschaugen confused with an imaginary, flashing question mark on the forehead, verständnislos ... If they then perhaps still at least silly giggles, because they suspect that what you just said, you may well have to be funny ... But this is scrap! Since missing but the Major ounce of 'more'! "Gregor muttered to herself when he was in the boiling water tipped his cup." The lust for the female body, but in a much larger and broader appeal rise ... The only makes a woman desirable, or not? Am I really too idealistic? Is this already too much to ask? "'s Own, he had that right thinking, a priori, the" target group "tremendously reduced.

And his track success in recent years, but a little from the eyes had lost. Jörg would already know what he did. Moreover, it was finally his life. And that was how Gregor easily find sighing had for some time but much more exciting than his own. Raindrops clapped incessantly against the window, have come together and ran a turbid tears down the disc. Television wanted Gregor not to read, he was after rough day at work too tired.

As a graphic designer in one of the major advertising agencies should Hamburger he is a new logo for the airport Fuhlsbüttel design. It should be fresh, cheeky and concise, curious, and a Backward aircraft, a runway and a rising sun should it be seen. Twelve designs he had abgerungen PR-Chef and the airport operator sent. Dr. Achenbach. This was not a rudimentary promised. Arroganter Ignorant!

"It removes something from the fight against the Don Quixotes windmill," Gregor thought, and began a smile, the obese PR-Chef the airport than with the poor rudernde pinstripe suit Windmill present: Trinity with his chin, fleeing, fettglitzernden forehead with the almost on the back of the head reclusive, gray hair melierten approach, with its borderless, deliberately on the most deeply held high nasal tip geschobenen glasses. These opaque buttermilk this view. His mostly brown suits combined it with great determination in shirts and ties impossible patterns and color combinations, in which sight is almost grauste Gregor. At the same time, Dr. staged Achenbach is like as art patrons and glared at angelesenem openings with half knowledge, was also allegedly flew to London to access an auction for a genuine mitzubieten Magritte. Probably was Dr. Achenbach said at the exhibition opening been on the Jörg and Janine had learned to know. Probably had his unsachverständigen, erzkonservativen eyes especially big outcry in the Missgeschickliche view.

"Arroganter Kackschnösel", it escaped Gregor, ears back in the chair, the hot cup of coffee on the upper floor. Small Wutfunken glommen in on him. Especially disdainful Schnösel like Dr. Achenbach vermaledeite were the reason why Gregor's social life in recent times quite often to the benefit of unnecessary work had come back. A point that was more than angry aufstieß.

Contrary to his gönnerischen gesture, the universalgebildeten Nimbus, the Dr. Achenbach anknipste before leaving the house, on the way to public events, left his office only on large artificial intelligence. Mainly hung fuzzy aerial photographs of the airport grounds or exterior views of the terminals on the white, cool walls. And yet the brightness made an arc around the room, the gloomy interior decoration klobige-fearing, simple dark cabinets (solid oak), in which a family photos (provided), golden framed. In a Black Forest cuckoo clock, in addition to a black steel shelves with files folders. On his desk lungerte a miniature replica of the Sphinx from lapis lazuli. "Did my mother brought from Egypt." Had Achenbach purred-Gregor then nodded approvingly, his subconscious to start wondering and faded away only to a related connection between mother and Sphinx recalls.

Part III follows shortly in this theater ...

Part I

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