среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

When the foot is the curse

Wulnikowski is on a rusty nail taken of the shoe sole drilled directly into the meat. Precisely in the foot, eh where already a toe missing. With feet he will now forever by you. In a black dress and with zerlaufender potato nose he comes Urs, the Swiss funeral entrepreneurs from the Horn Street. Three years ago, they were briefly neighbors. Urs looks Wulnikowski and says:

"My uncle has times on the hand pissed, as a dragon fish it has bitten. Piss disinfected. "
"I only know of dragon fruit."
"No, dragon fish. There's also fruit. But not bite. "
"And what should I look at the shoe sole pee, you idiot? I have enormous amount of snakes, but I am not a snake person. "
"I am monitoring this, if you want."
"Does foreign Piss disinfecting ever since? I have my doubts. "
"Piss Piss is. We will surely all the same Piss? ! "
"Okay, then piss me."

Urs tried him on the walk to pee, but the effort is too great. He never made it. Even more, they can still laugh. What made the walk is perhaps the vulture knows, the sky or anyone. Otherwise it will be the future.


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