среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Mr. Geist (time)

Among white rabbits Mr. spirit of his life a tense relationship. Blame it bore the Lewis Carroll's Wonderland. More specifically: The white rabbit that breathtaking and timeless prior to the time verronnenen them and the remaining time hinterherrannte. Not infrequently, it happened that in the mind of Mr. Geist everything turned. In his pupils, on his nose and on his chin focused cheerfully silver watch on small numbers leaves. His few remaining hairs kräuselten at times and time way clockwise. Where were these oddities, nobody knew. In the belly mother had Mr. Geist doctors with ticking sounds strangely confused. And when he came to the world, astonished everyone. A small baby, not screamed, but rang with metallic shimmering slices and marches tickendem body. When his mother her child in the arm wanted to take, she fell into impotence. It was strange that all the numbers in and leaves him at various times indicated. He was the time, but the time was never the same and at all different places at the same time different. He was the co-prematurity and the posteriority, past, present and future. The time it trickled away, bubbled out of him, he arose and deflagrated to him, and renewed zerronn himself, turned with him and he with her. Even as a child, he was by all as "zeitgeist" teased. If he was drunk, he came even before, when he was a crazy hat with butter, jam and tea kaputtreparierte pocket. In contrast to the white rabbit, he always had too much time. At the same. "Make a journey with us," quipped his cronies happy in the school. Or: "Come already rung 'for us. Then is now pause. Or anxious that the clock go faster. " That was already the little Mr. Geist. And he would never learn. Recently, the temporal blessed him. Sad and lonely, he is the life and jumped from a window of the third floor.

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