среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Santa Claus has flu

Buried deep under the snow,
So it's hard to see them,
Even a thick freezes bepelztes deer
Living the love Santa Claus.

But this year, who shall 'is suspect
It does not fit into the stuff,
A disease pulled their orbits
, And "Father Christmas" lame.

Instead of "Hohoho" There's aspirin,
Instead Echinacine sleigh ride.
Nothing will be in jumping on the slide
And the world presents.

Blanket over,'s up on blankets,
The red cap remains on the hook,
The whole year was nothing wrong,
But now that's serious, the Schnief.

The Puppenwichtel are confused,
Nothing is more coordinated.
Even on the ceiling of dough sticks
Now in the Christmas Bakery

The Imp make pure chaos,
Rigor is not a trace,
Everyone does what he wants
And the factory is still present.

"Hey, Captain Bluebear, you turn?
Hello, this is Santa Claus.
Did you do on Christmas Eve free?
Otherwise, send me but Hein owns over.

Because I lie sick in bed, burned out,
And if that worked, plural 'I's nice,
If you swinging from the railing
And for me to bring gifts. "

"Yes" says Käptn "is the clear.
Kelly Hein is because you tomorrow.
Then flies, who would have thought?
, Ne rat by the holy night. "

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