среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Napoleon solo

Cut and paste. Hattet you verperlten established on the impotence of New Orleans? And a touch of tension, when the phone rings. This is forever. A touch of walking distance between the Satzbaufehler from yellow paved road in Austin. This is forever. From this ausgehauchten Texas-breathing, not a sign of relief, because you know this: This is forever!

The twenty third March shooed in the wind, the music out. When you first get the best out of us can: it is that it's forever! Power no difference. In your letter alphabet missing. Seventeen, embalmed, and coffins are lowered into the weather, a penetrating, friskier rain.

Zupf busted harp on this, we were taken by the chords, set their hearts. Yes, this is forever.

(At freely after the drive: Napoleon solo)

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