среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

That there's still no!

How exactly is astonished blocks, is still not sufficiently researched. But yesterday, I just came from the Kopfkratzen difficult. So far, one of the seemingly irreversible for me wisdom like "The earth is not a target", "Man has only two ears," or "cars in England on the right track, are ghost rider" the zuckersüße conviction "to make caramels from brown sugar, it makes Sahnekaramellbonbons from brown sugar and cream. " As I take my mini-pack "Werther", which is now no longer "real" but "original", from the pocket brings, I found I had when purchasing stock and the impossible purchased sugar-free caramels. There are things that it really does not exist. This is not new, but always surprising. A little bit is my world collapsed yesterday. But only a little.

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