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I Aistear dtreo Atha Clíath-memories of experiences in the capital of the island green (II)

At the northern end of O'Connell Street, from Buskolonnen and small cars roaring, is set in stone, the Parnell monument. It spreads the Gate Theater-his round belly, to absorb the statue, it should fall. Left hand is the Rotunda Hospital, Europe's first official maternity clinic. The grandeur of this magnificent boulevards crumbled abruptly, and now, we turn right into the side street.

Verwaschnes as in a children's apron, Nichtmehrgetragnes, despite everything, something happens. Two cottages, whose brick walls of the dreckiggrauen, greedy tongues of rain forever niederklatschenden sore and dull licked were opposed to different high and shoulder-to-shoulder together as a national player in the drive to the camera anthem. Top tiny homes, down schäbbige pubs, decaying Internet cafes, African barbershops, Off-Licence liquor stores. Neon signs überflackern hogs garbage bags. The drängelnde O'Connell-Street surges of traffic here, the metal spray sweeps over the Tar blankets eastward. A pair trainingsbehostes devours each other. A small, dunkeläugiges girl turns with the left hand on his golden Kringelohrring and sucks on the right thumb. The palate is marmeladeverschmiert. Grease stains on the pink shine Quilting. Before the pubs are chewed sausage pieces and other morsel in galligfeuchten puddles. Parnell Street.

We turn left into the Northern St. Georges Street. Only one more corner, and the atmosphere turns again. Also still splendor Boulevard, then comes schlumpig-herunter, wuselige trifles Street, now bourgeois living quarters. Zig Bakery dozen Georgian citizens' houses. Braunrot brick front, hoisted upright, clear off the horizontal gable. Freud Lose uniformity. The basement stairs and entrance gates of schulterhohen includes black Gusseisenzäunen. The variation is only in the size of the window and the momentum and the opulence of the sandstone pillar portals with their artfully übewölbten with glass, colorfully painted entrance doors. Colorful inviting inputs contrast with tristem, uniform walls.

Art full curved, arabesk decorated street lights bow to the roadway. Right hand, at the beginning, is completely inconspicuously in one of these houses the James Joyce Center. It has until January. The hostel relic of the Master is renovated. Several hundred yards uphill, as unobtrusively, is Mount Eccles Court, our hostel. With Slavic accent welcomes us the reception Dame. We live under Croatian rule house and learn that we are at the next day the room will exchange must get key cards and breakfast pieces of paper and disappear through the whitewashed light blue, slightly distorted wooden door to the stairwell. The stocky, steep staircase moans and injustice under our feet like a singing dog, as we up to the third floor to climb. Short breathers. C. is still not better. Sticht abgestandener sweet smell of chlorine in our noses.

Card in the slot put it klackt. Curious enter our home for the coming night. Klein is the Bude. Two newly purchased beds crouch in the narrowness of the sides. Bräunlicher mold hornhautfarbenen climbs through the walls. A single table is left in the corner. His former friends, the trash cans and he chairs were removed before the dawn of time. Cold wind shreds sweep by the cracking of the wood window. Between the weathered rungs give schlierige slices the view of a courtyard. A nested maze of walls, partially covered with barbed wire. The white paint is chipped widespread. The bathroom is deleted in the same color as bad teeth cleaned, the Klorollenhalter dented buckles under the load of emotions layered rust. During the mirror kleinstgewachsene only for a glance into the human face possible (I see myself up to the chest), appears to be the basket of shower gel in the shower for basketball players, and is designed two meters high. C. sweats and goes immediately into the bathroom. His stomach is not better, the head still hurts. I let the heavy baggage, ask worried him if I can do something good and make me on the first urban exploration, while he initially in the small chamber remains to sleep and again forces to rest in the hope that the nervous stomach and a migraine mörsernden-beat them.

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