среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Umgeschnitzt he flew back to the floor. Once here in June on the spot something very similar, only with the book version, made the rounds, I mean, Morgenstern's ongoing now with a slightly modified Stöckchen beschmissen, with a sheet wrapped was asked of me: 'Take 5 23rd sentence from your blog entry. " The dashing Please come now, I want to have hard from the rear to the front and counted myself have wondered what I had not been reported and were astonished that my 23rd Even contribution (style), 23 Released in July, then:

"Naked men Adonis body with hats and hunting wild bommelndem Freiluftschniedeln in Robin-Hood- or Amor-Posen were still immensely far less wistful dream for me-not to say that the bean (beans)."

I put the stick here otherwise simple. Who likes, it may like to carry, and thus make that the mood precisely.

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