среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The grandeur lazier towers

Million. Who they were and where they were, no one knows. But they have voted. Over three million votes, as the Internet has been called the most beautiful in Europe Kläranlagen-Faulturm küren. And probably no other country in Europe is so beautiful in the tower gefault as in Germany.

Europe's finest tanks are in Halle (Saale) fares, Göttingen and Bottrop. Schlichter silvergray gloss hauled from the lazy tower hall on the throne, Göttingen thrilled with the jury Senkrecht-Streifen colorful. In the over 50-meter-high "Blue eggs" in Bottrop it was the impressive nightly illumination, when the Faulturm-Fans and experts for shiny eyes happily provided. In times timid and insecure vacillation break the German Kläranlagen-Faultürme Fanal a shining for the entire country, that Germany is still high in Europe and can be.

(Photo via hotmail.com)

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