среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Lying hope

The flame of snow in Teekerze glanzlackierten porcelain angel flickered briefly. Then a thin soot quoll flag from the soul air holes in the back of the angel doll, which until just flickering flame was extinguished.

Still stollenvoll sat on the eve Wiebrand and Helga on Christmas breakfast table. Wiebrand tried with fire and zeal dull knife to the hard egg heads, Helga climbed from the chair behind the massive oak desk out to other aufzubrühen coffee.

To date breakfast in a little sag to be stretched Helga. My sweater slipped slightly and gave up for a few seconds to look at their rosy belly. Suddenly a joyful grin curved Wiebrands comfortably curved mouth.

"Well? Grad Have you considered how chic it looks when a small brilliant in my navel sparkle would treasure? "Helga ask coquettishly.

"Not quite. I have a look at your pocket and dared about why because a garbage bag herausbaumelt band. "

Second fragmented hopeful romance in a flash as the egg shell, the Wiebrands blunt knife had finally penetrated.

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