среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

What actually .... Today: BAP

It should be verdammp long ago that an idea or about BAP into my brain has lost. Has the chapel around the krüssellockigen largest Dylan admirer north of Bonn to me but to date very rarely inspires moist eyes and ears caused tingling.

And before I even could ask, "what do BAP really so today?" , Said meterbreite me a poster series in the rail underpass: BAP go on a greatest hits tour. So far, so very surprising. Stirnrunzelschmunzelnde moves into the face conjured amazed me the realization that the tour of the wolfstatzigen Überlebenskunst-Ausstattern of "Jack Wolf Skin" is presented. My presumption that the concerts during such a sponsor then maybe between Birkenhainen in muddy bog, menschenverlassenen, mückenübersurrten lakes or in secluded Bergklüften-at least under the open sky would take place, the wagon seems my imagination but in a very muddy path directed to .

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