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Wash and dry

"It's strange," said Luci, curved her chin with his thumb and wrapped a two curls on her finger. "In the past, my boots were also in the deepest snow waterproof and snug warm. Kilometers wide, I could so through ice cold poles, nothing had my feet feel chilly. But apparently I have a small hole in the sole cut, as I two weeks ago at the cathedral at night in broken glass underfoot bin. Now I can already look for a quarter-hour hike through snow wring my socks, and after 10 minutes my boots from the inside hair. "

"You föhnst your boots from the inside?" Ada curled the forehead and searching her handbag for a cigarette lighter.

"What else can I do? My boots to get moldy? Moisture is in the long term for leather fatal. It is not long ago, because I have the wardrobe tidy my grandmother and my old leather backpack found again, and I years ago when it had forgotten. Under the wardrobe is the cold, damp cellar. He stands at the poorly insulated outer wall, and the room itself was rarely well heated. It may be only a good year location, but he was completely gets moldy, grauweißhaarigen excessive lint like a schmuddeliger invented. "

"No tasty idea," mumbled Ada, which is just a cigarette between his lips had pushed, with the newly found Lighter promptly inflamed. Their lips kerbten in, silvery smoke danced to the ceiling.

"Quite the opposite of his."

"But mold is generally not very tasty idea. Especially me alone already thinking about the weißfaulige creep back to Steven recalls. "Adas pressed her lips together. Their turned pale skin, the mouth angle downward arc. They drew fierce in their cigarette. A few flakes of ash landed on her black velvet pants, were swept aside nimble.


"The Feinrippunterbuxeninformatiker, with whom I Kandinsky in the street for."

"You have times in a WG usual?"

"For years, before Steven me and for all times by the desire to residential communities cured."

"I remember only vaguely."

"You Happy. There was no more vivid than half his refrigerator, all too often populated and the same angegessene yogurt a three-quarter of the rear corner before the long fibers soon enough that he would have by itself herausklettern, once the door is opened. "


Suddenly up at Adas facial features before schmunzelndem pleasure, laughter and angular escaped between their teeth shining through.

"The old rascal has also constantly on my expensive Washes Out and shower gels. Whenever I have the luxury of giving my body with something really good to maintain, Dior, Chanel, it was - poof! - Empty. Although faults - just emptied all my shower gel bottles alarmingly fast. I have always wondered how much soap he rightly came. All care products, flushing, shower gel forth all belonged to me, not him. If just shower gel shortage at the man, I am the last, the bleats, if you look briefly served elsewhere. But I have no desire that the cleanliness of others at my expense. Have not at the expense of my dearly acquired care products. Eventually, I pointed him once. "

"I would also."

"He looked at me just as stoic cold cardboard and filled with indignation at what me because cloud him to insinuate something. He was not a thief, and certainly not Duschgelschuft. "

"But the rapid consumption of my deliriously Waschemulsionen, shampoos and shower gels continued."

"And what have you done?"

"Eventually, as my Chanel-shower was empty, I have it with Remoulade refilled. Two days later, suddenly, a bottle of shampoo for oily hair on Duschbeckenrand. "

Ada laughed again, small Rauchwölkchen raced from her nose, she drew one last time at her cigarette, and crushed them in the ashtray.

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