понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

Wurst Case Scenario

In my environment, the tendency to say that a party is no longer just a party should be. Good music, good people, with proper humidity cheerful beverages and excellent mood, perhaps enriched by chips, flips, salads and herb baguette some wealthy no more. Quite often quite original and smart, but sometimes enormously tense, the party slogan on a programmatic. Whether Bad Taste, noise and barter, porn or too much of anything. It appears to the occasion and theme-dressed accordingly, will take appropriate gifts, is changing the slogan in a properly decorated party atmosphere and feels under some circumstances even the motto accordingly. The private party event with a corporate identity and design. If the idea into the neck hpringt that he likes a sausage-Origami-Party wants to organize, or who the mitessenden eyes of the hungry guests with highly sophisticated Meats decorations flatter wants here is a look. Because although in Japanese-you get great detail demonstrates how quickly grabs a sausage from a shark, a rabbit, apocalyptic Reiter, dragons, tulips, elephants or carve bees. So far, the creations of his own party of no use to me, but I always have a trump card in the hindquarters. The extent of such zurechtgeschnitzte sausages, but at the guests in rapture meet're still remains obscure city heikelster speculation. The corresponding Collaborative Research Center at the University of Harsewinkel was recently set.

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