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Communication Disorders in Regionalbus

Stapelskotten on Outdoor. A lonely bus stop bored snoozes on the busy main road into town. A freshly shaven student waiting for the R22, which it from the remote station in front of the gates of his adopted home in the inner city to bear. The plan includes "Central Station, 11:19" and "stay-at alley, 11:24 (at the end)" an exit possibilities for election. Where was the same but the housefly alley? One of these street names in their own city, where everyone meets, which are geographically but not in the least lane. Just ask precaution, he thinks, as the bus at the bus bay and rushes with squeaky brakes to a halt.

Student (tries to be polite and friendly):
"Forgive the brief question, but could you tell me just exactly where in the city the housefly alley? I consider whether I prefer the main railway station in the city run or from the terminal. "

Bus driver (answers in a wide Westphalian dialect):
"Housefly alley is the final destination. Since müssense off. "

"I know that. I just wonder, w o the housefly alley within the city since. In what part, in the vicinity of which, because I am familiar while, but the street names are not assigned geographically. "

Bus driver:
"More than because könnense eh not go."

"I am aware of. Is it closer to the city center from the main station or from the housefly alley? "

Bus driver:
"You can get off two stops. We are committed to both. "

Student (hair is scuffling and thunder, sits down on a chair and will be a surprise).

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