понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

Brief Tiger

Horatio met us yet. Almost at the end. Late. And actually much too soon. The evening would like to be much longer. Only a few minutes later, echoes of the final closing chord. Rasmus beckons friendly farewell, announced that, even under the right mix of people. We go anyway. With encores only one solid hour concert. Crisp, but well short. Our sophisticated avoidance tactic would be so far gone almost in the eye. Schlau we had heard before, had the title of "Rupesh Cartel" terrible decision for us and decided, at the concert of "Tiger Lou" in track 22 to the support band to abstain. The sense was after us much, but not after elektrifiziertem pigpop with vergangenheitsverhafteter 80er-Jahre-Attitüde.

It drizzles, the sky is black skies, the jacket is clammy. Quiet curses on the cold, wet weather flit through the autumn wind and are carried away. With half delay, as we planned to shuffle around 9:30 schrubbeligen the concrete stairs up and the club. Nobody plays. The audience is inaugurated, drinks, smokes, yaps. Do we have the support band around but not missed? Few Schlücke fresh lager are only hinabgeperlt our throats because wuppert us, the first bass line. Are some already? Yes, they are. Huch, the champion unexpectedly early the honor. That was close. Whatever happens with the support band may have played, they have not. It will not continue, and finally we get now, which is why we came. "Until I'm there." They are there, we are there, everything is good.

Shortly grab us Rasmus Kellerman and his guys. They pick us on their cuddly jazz, music flying carpet and go with us forever. Time lockerleicht counterpoint with Schalala- and Heyheyschubiduwah-Refrains, cheeks a few times wistful tears, sometimes shake the Rock thunderstorm flying carpet and bring him to the quake. Should one of the drawers thinkers schreinern charging a tailor-made, it could be "Esco" written on it - a mix of Emo and disco. Flight shows the typical second album-Live phenomenon: "Sell out" is the biggest hit of the previous album early dashed into the audience. The cheers, clapping the song and his own memory. A colorful dance from mostly new songs interspersed with older stuff awaits us. Crisp played snappy presented. Good mood, the melodies bounce into the ear and cause the hum -singen.

And yet: The audience was very impressed, but it moves like a Germknödel. Rhythmic nod Gros seems to be the highest of emotions. Perhaps also because the quiet impression remains that Kellerman & Co. are in a hurry, again from the stage to come. They offer a Ekeren Set, experienced delicacies, but it's like the Nobel Restaurant: What comes to the plate, is exquisite but very manageable. After a good three-quarters of an hour we twitch? As "our last song"? You have grad but only started to play, and "Oh Horatio" not even the best song played the previous record!

So, guys!

Braver adding requisition applause. And so there are Tiger Lou also obediently. Horatio met us yet. Almost at the end. Late. And actually much too soon. This time he Publikumsanbiederung-small-not on the way to Munich but after Munster. Bobbing in time, restrained singing along. Silent luck. Two short, semi songs later it is still close. We want their noble gesture but appreciate that at least they still have three encores. We know, too. But because it's been very nice, hätt's also like to ne corner can be longer. Especially since the support band is down. However, what makes us so little care.


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