понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

Sampler Exchange

I am thrilled how much pooling, good taste in music is here on a visit. And, as in the commentary on the sound autumn article suggested, the idea came to me, a small, fine, new sampler-County to launch. What with the actions of Mr. Poodle in spring already too exciting results, it could now once again shine and fresh.

The idea is simple. A small, solid circle of interested and taste each gets the full addresses of all the other participants, presented his partial-here already written sampler for all other once, and she sends them. And he gets it from all other post with their own sampler. And-poof! - Has a colorful bounty of excellent sampler, whose beady gentle melancholy sounds of clinking to indulge. Frl.Fuchs, Burns, Calvin, ongoing, no single case, French Kiss and also to all others ... How about? Or even like autumn of hip-hop MC? !

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