понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

Only once have the conscious soap

I poured myself mayonnaise on the plums, because I thought it would be sour cream. Mackerel they called me. Baloney with spinach! Why is Horatio lodestar to a beautiful jun? Reduced finger prove to be too cheerful for tingling old woman's room. Anne pick, Flo finger - but can you blame's? Let us water. Hello, Central! These slightly überkandidelten Wives! Women beschenken philistine with speed pills. A true meteorites hail, should the think? The sophist puts the überkandidelten Helena fillip. It is now on the obstetric unit. The stuff from the bosom of intellectual Silberschimmers. Meanwhile crunch Spartans jaw with teeth, while the favorite to Ithaker Pen. From the night sleeping hochgeschreckt and black panthers. That shot. A nun yet to be invented the barbed wire. The moon. He has forgotten Hamlet. The idea that the guy that pays is the best sauce in the world. A polished period. Impromptu. Rhymes and sense: pace, piace, tace. Ominös for him! Some guy, the ground-cold burns. Fear is free juices, which makes the meat really tender. Always outside the lampposts. It is enough that any day ... Links to past days. And instils in the entrance of my ear ... You can! Kyrie eleison. ? ? ? An opera by Balfe sounds in the original as well as the railroad. Verlorne thing. Memories of memorable battles. What always Wetherup said.

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