понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

Notes, Exchange, oddities

The bizarre in everyday life can hide anywhere, and suddenly leaped. This morning it hopped-one could tell from the letter box in front of the post at the station. On the way to work, I swung with my silver wire donkey by the rail underpass, before the Tagwerks still at the post office one afternoon to end job. With skilful peppiness swung me from the wheel, and even while I was there, the padlock through the spokes to slide, welcomed me mümmelmannfahniger Stoppelhaarkopf, whose full beard dunkelblondem Ketchup still stuck on his torn leather jacket with a Antifa-A Edding in the round circle gekrickelt was, and look at the bad plaster glass panes recalled. He reeled me awkward forward, held his hand up and dreckkrustige lallte: "Ey, hassuma'n euros for watt to eat?"

In the absence of pity, but above all small money, as I only twenty-euro note carried with me, I replied: "Sorry, I have small money grad absolutely none."

"Well ... to fuffzich Euro I can change!"

"Oh ... then you go for the money but what to buy dinner. For the small but hunger could be the first rich. "

He bobbed amazed, I wriggled myself around him in the post and into tiered me in the queue switch. While I zentimeterweise voranschob me, I got a noisy discussion at the counter to my right. Before he switches. Nadelten strip from his silver-gray suit, the seitengescheitelte hair shone thanks to generous Pomade-Einsat. The Babypopowangen jungreich his face glowed silky gel.

The switch dauergewellte lady gave him energetically to understand: "Excuse me, but I can provide for a letter of only € 1.44 postage neither their gold card nor a $ 200-bill accept. They are still a little small money? ! "

With falsetto he crowed dauergewellte switch Dame: "No, I did not! I hope that you now immediately accept this letter and I change € 198.56 for a copy. I am a man most I have to do, you precious time to fritter . "

"So, Dear Sir. I am bound to my specifications, and in this tone, you ask me certainly not. "

"Well good. I remember me your name and will contact your office to submit a complaint against you, Mrs. X. " (Insufficient aufgeschnappte dialogue shreds were completed, Editor's note)

He tore his letter, in itself, which is now already franked, and spurted out of the branch. Stopped, he could not be more timely, but cared for general entrüstetes head shaking. I even shook his head a little later after I resent my job was submitted, but I had no identity and theoretically some people post to me would be diverted. Slightly alarming, that my twenty-euro note, however, was accepted without grumbling. The Post, in the morning to 9:30 in Germany.

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