понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.


The time crumbled as the Spekulatiuskekse, with the Ada zeitgeluptem equanimity in the dairy coffee dunks, before her on the desk by the blue striped cup floats. A crumb quits. The Umruhrlöffel turns his rounds, trying it out again to fish. Since hours staring at the screen. Where letters actually cheerfully and sensibly in series tumbling, wider still a surprisingly white emptiness. It may not fill. They sips at the cup. Lighter her addiction. Blame a cigarette between his lips. Umwölkt. Loses in blaudunstigen scraps. The new drive has not. Suddenly!

The water glass next to her coffee cup. Given what is suggested. Bubbles bubble, small strudel begin to swirl the glass trembles. Klappert on the tabletop. Krack! It will burst. The mass mutters. Whispering. Verdickt doped to jelly. By itself into a clump.

"Huh! Ada! , "She murmurs.

Ada swallows at their cigarette smoke and dusty coughs.

"I am's, the Wasserstrolch."

Ada begins again.

"And? That is still no reason my water glass kaputtzudeppern the whole desk wet, and to me in my well-deserved rest after lunch to disturb! "

"After lunch rest? Hihi. Die Zeit. Die Zeit. It runs you off. And you schlurfst with Angel's face behind her as if they were a Limpet! "

"If I do with my time than anyone wants to philosophize, I do in the seminar. Why studier 'because I Philo? "

"What you seem not knew is that chastises that their expensive life permanently vermplempern rather sensible use of haunted me. From me to the weekly, halszuschnürend hurgelnden, bubbling Wasserstrolch. I umfließe and enclose you! Zerre with you wild waves swirling water down into my damp Reich, durchwühle you with icy waters, durchspüle you with salty water, schleudere you through my dark cave where you Barfüße to the tiny stalactites inside, where your struggling for air. I am the revenge of neglect period. "

Ada swallows. Lightning quick snaps it for a new cigarette, and brings them to glow hectic. It is now clear to the nerves. If they do crazy? Fully plemplem?

But the sopping glitschglupschige entity inhabited again with pergamentpapierzerknitterndem timbre: "I am the Wasserstrolch!"

Ada boldly friemelt a large handkerchief from her handbag and pressed it with lots on the Wasserstrolch. It zuppelt and flounders. Only angry and alive. Then only weakly. Eventually it ends. It bears the full handkerchief in the kitchen and wrings it over the sink. "Your home in scope with you, Wasserstrolch!" , She hisses, grabs a cup of coffee, puts together her ashtray onto the bed, smokes and scrapes on the chin graceful.

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