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In what is missing Wulnikowski

"Ingratitude is the worlds wage, soon twisted itself thanks to Hohn, muttering Wulnikowski through his dry lips, while his embittered glance through the curtains slurred from the kitchen window drills. For a moment amused him his own seal of Fort truism. And almost shrugs a playful smile on his mouth angle. But it fails, crashes, becomes horrible grimace. Vergiftetes silence stretches back through his cramped kitchen like a giant fishing net, which is only a short curses his brummelnden tear open. Outside drops daylight and slanting sharply as a razor blade and cut the houses asunder. On the curb tugs and a pigeon pecks listlessly in a sardine bread bark around the stray cats are left.

"Ever, cats! Mistviecher Drat! Säuselschnurrende gang traitor! Undankbares Kackbratzenpack! "Wulnikowskis blood hustles, seething, simmering, boiling, boiling, makes his temples before puckern anger. Emotional fire breaks out in him, crackles, carbonized him from the inside, leaving biting stench, zähklebrig chared, bitterschmeckende emotional-ash.

But no fire extinguisher is palpable.

"If I get this cursed Scheißgeschöpf again manage these spitzohrige frying pan nose, I rip her dazzling eyes out, they thawed and spring with my rubber boots on her triefenden Matsch around, zerfetze her intestines, her rupfe individually from each claw, burn their skin in blazing flames, blasting her legs broken, break their bones individually and each ram they smash into marble stone floor! "

He looks at the table edge past connected to his feet and begins to sob. Low buries his face in his hands. Tears cheeks in streams down his cheeks.

Had he "Lulu" but only to be never left. When he returned from shopping, they had him on the zebra crossing umschnurrt. He waited for a bremsendes car. With their eyes schneeschmelzenden had it fully sincere sorrow blinked at, heart-sweet gemaunzt Ome and her coat on his trousers geschubbert. Immediately, he fell in love with it. She was completely emaciated. Twinking he wanted them. And that he had also done so. He had to go home to be taken care of for them, they stroked, fed, beschmust.

And then came the fateful morning. He had them both prepares breakfast in the garden. Too good and the day was sunny, as they bickering in the kitchen having breakfast. This should be a feast. And Ms. Poe, the landlady, he left the garden generous. Barefoot, he had fragrant coffee, crusty bread, jam, cheese, sausage hauled down. For "Lulu" even an extra piece of fish Räuchermakrele dealers around the corner fetched. So they sat and enjoyed dancing in the autumn morning light. "Lulu" enthusiastically devoured their mackerel, while Wulnikowski with a lack of firmness his camembert fought.

When Lulu now the coat and the hind paws with the rough tongue licked, it happened.

Wulnikowski turned the sharp cheese knife! It swished down and-chop! Average - its bare right foot, a toe separated. Before shock and pain Wulnikowski yelled at by injecting blood was dusky him. And in the fog of his Unbewusstseins he saw Lulu only as davonstob. With some Länglichrundem in the mouth.

It was his toe. Lulu had abducted him.

The blood flows sparkled in the dark on the paved terrace. He limped dizzy afterwards. He won it is not. They shooed into the thicket of gorse, lilac and rhododendron bushes and disappeared into the verblätterte invisibility. He was not. Everything Call half. It would have the toe re-sew. But "Lulu" is fortgeblieben. And Zeh, whose whereabouts is unknown, we can not sew. Meanwhile, it is too late, the hope abandoned, the bitter disappointment twice. The foot and shrugs puckert before punishment. Above all, the toe that is not there anymore. Elende phantom pain.

"On the moon with you! And with the same damned cheese knife with him, "cursing Wulnikowski and reads viewer with his index finger next few crumbs of biscuit bowl.


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