понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

The said

In the midst of quite suddenly, I see his face geflunschtes. The said. Once he sat with me in the Latin course, late at the university rang me with the ablativus absolutus down. His skin is pale become shimmers like tofu. He shuffles cumbersome, even listlessly at the large stone archway. Right hand it to the freshly painted seminar rooms. He seems cold; His nose lights up like a light bulb savings. Then he sees me.


"Hi! Pronunciation, you so years I have not seen! Studierste yet? "

"Hmjoamnstudier now intestinal flora." Dachte I have heard. Said he: "Hmjoamnstudier now Daf (*) nor, indeed." Maybe I should too much rock music krachender worried about my ear? Perhaps he also remains simply said.

* Daf is the abbreviation for "German as a foreign language", since as I know.

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