понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.


Some stuffed dogs emulate in amazingly perfect way lively dogs. Adas dog "Schlupp" amazingly pantomimed in a perfect manner stuffed dog. A fluffy fringe troddelte before his forehead, cleverly hid the fact that the dog probably also two eyes, and revealed the Darwinian superfluousness of seeing through the practice of a foreign will and a leash to be led. Streichelte it, we had to fear that his hair schlammbraunen Fells one in the finger pricked. He was a small, almost in the bag to plug, delightful stupid and had the necessary movements a Germknödels. Bequemte seltenenfalls he actually heard of his eternal Lying on the tail corduroy sofa for food, in spite of everything they had, even in these cases, the feeling that he may not even have to move. With attentive investigation could even identify which side of the head and on which side of the tail.

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