понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

Sounds Fall

The evenings are every minute longer. Only briefly, then come the clouds. Swollen with icy waters, vorangepeitscht storm of fury send holiday in the sun and the sky whitewash in pale gray. The leaves, still bravely to the swing arms, will soon result in resignation and serials like lemmings rushing down from the cliff, rustling hurled across the intersection, over, weitergejagt. Soon they will be crushed under mud, then suck the shoes from the rain water and schlurpsen at every step, while endless cascades of water drops against the panes like crackle Erbsen.Glasflaschen exploding on the roadside fall. The wind encompasses them and they klöternd rolls through the area before it to a lamppost smashed. A plastic trash cans by the wall, becomes lost. He is dizzy. Window beat by themselves, curtains are at the tipping column sucked. Quiet wistfulness and tribulation mixed in the daily mood. The autumn. But how comfortable it is, you sit in the warm indoors. In front of a steaming tea mat license less candles, the dancing Knitterpapierlampe sanftwarmes light on the book pages, which you scrolls. The legs are set in a blanket. Biscuits are dipped in the tea, break, with a spoon herausgeschöpft again. And from the sound investment quiet, delicate chords, broken voices and the comforting touch of transience. I think it is time to compile a sampler autumn. My proposal follows the same. What is your autumn?

First Jacques Brel - Jojo
Second Kevin Devine-Haircut
Third Kristofer AstrĂ & Hidden truck-What I came here for
Fourth Eels - Somebody loves you
Fifth Mark fiddle-My pet rat St. Michael
Sixth Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds feat. PJ Harvey-Henry lee
Seventh DEUS - Serpentine
Eighth Kaizers Orchestra - Christiania
Ninth The decemberists-From my own true love (lost at sea)
10th Weakerthans - Pamphleteer
Eleventh Ryan Adams-Call me on my way back home
Twelfth Damien Rice-Older chests
Thirteenth Ben Folds Five-Evaporated
14th Okkervil River-A Stone
15th Sufjan Stevens-John Wayne Gacy Jr.
16th Radiohead-Fog (again)
17th Ben Kweller-Living life
18th I am Kloot - Twist
19th Bright Eyes - We are nowhere and it's now
20th Juliette Gréco - Feuilles mortes


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