понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

Back to the worm turns, crawls my nurmehr Internet. But it creeps forward again. For the first time since my move, I can finally return to my own desktop to the Internet. Instead pfeilschnellem DSL is a crude, old ISDN, the strange flashes, my patience in phases to the test, but a few beads of sweat facilitated cheeks and down happily blur Gegrummel impatient with the fact that what Slow still enormously much better than garnix . An advanced weekend. Since yesterday, I can finally watch television again - ARD, ZDF, WDR and British soldiers BFBS stations-the first shipment in the new room was "The shipment with the mouse", shortly after waking up. In addition, I have thanks Germanwings even booked a flight and will be for 3 euros per flight to Dublin in December and fly back. So lobe that I

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