четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

The Un-Tag TM (I)

Unverhofft sometimes more often than you think, in general, if you are not so profitable. Insgeheim scrawls one secret wishes, desires and expectations in mental Kladden, look again into the daily routine becoming thicker book of the past experience, and tries to guess what might come. Once the expected future to the present, and experienced little later, the past has experienced, is adjusted. What I hoped for and expected? What happened, what is not? What surprises are hit because one chance in the sandbox can not play? At the end of periods ends to look back on the experience - inventory, räsonierendes Resümieren, the bottom line is zurechtgezogen. Does today's one or the other. Yesterday also, and even before that a lot. But what is not happening to me today?

I am not hornbebrillten Schnurrbartträger in violet robe met Felt, the Apricot from the shirt collar looked.

I have no unexpected invitation for a lobster buffet by the government of Pseudowinzstaates Sealand.

I said that, despite the bear forces and hands as Kneifzangen not broken faucet.

There were not suddenly a rescue ring of a pack DGzRS tacks, or a rosemary - whirlpool-tablet in a red aluminum foil in the refrigerator.

Ulla Kock on Brink is not on our apartment door jingled to-Window-Color image with manure Fork's motives for the fight against the dying forest to sell.

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