четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

On the evening aloud

Sometimes miners working underground. Entsteigen then at the end of the layer to the elevator, bonded hauchfeiner dust the skin pores, a certain similarity to coffee powder is not always deny. Maybe drink miners also like coffee. At least from time to time. This is not too much-needed thoughts on the relationship of Röstbohnengebräu unteridischen tunnels and bubbled in my brain, when I am in the queue in front of the "Miner's Coffee" einreihe.

Density Drängelschlangen before neuschicken coffee bars are not commonplace in Munster. Rather whistled the sparrows from the rooftops that the Nestor, Doyen and the German Zarathustra column matters, the bad haferstichlige Glossenschreiberlinge, Harald Martenstein stone, between coffee beans and milk foam for a reading colony. Together with Radio Q, the Uniradio, they have the famous writer Ling of the Tagesspiegel and the TIME for the "Poetry night" after Munster piloted.

Inside there Gewusel. I-Books are up, headphones squeeze at the apex. Finally, the reading live on the airwaves, and then even to download on the website. Champagne will be served. Feedback loops are humming, a champagne glass fragments when someone in the audience wants to keep shut their ears and forget that the hand up to date Prosecco Hold been used. The audience coos and burbles bunt confused.

Unlike Blogger readings here, however, is "Bunte- or gala blogging" TM nonsense. Who also on the reading and watch who is whom do not yet taken but positively or negatively amazed, who, you know what I said and did, who came with whom and who is at the bottom with whom heimgeht interested this is hardly, except myself because hardly anyone knows someone of those present.

And now comes the Masters, briefly anmoderiert, shuffles from the Angestellten-WC, where he was allowed to maintain his audience. Strip needles on its anthracite suit, nice beard umfusseln lausbübische the smile of his lips, his eyes glisten keck. His voice knarzt rough. And, even though he did not smoke and cigarette shop in India around the corner in Berlin just bought lighters, because the owners welcome him to always be kind umschnurrt. Unprätentiös, and wonderfully self gewitzt he spins the threads between its texts, garnished with anecdotes.

A good inventor, he is not, he says. But an everyday eagle-eye. With schwungvollem stroke he outlined the bizarre Duscharmaturen between madness and auto workshop. The Berliner knödeligen meat salesperson, the purchase of a mozzarella salad verhageln or the horrified Karstadt saleswomen glances when the well-heeled customer standing with the premium Happy-Digit - card suddenly double grain purchases. He reported unsuccessful effort to Hipness thanks to the guns to him the fate pfefferte between the legs in an attempt, in Kreuzberg to Coke to come to it at least one time even tried to have. Also, why he prefers in Munster than in Berlin would buy shoes. Only thanks to him we are thinking about whether Hitler may have problems with dry feet, and where the relationship between the Internet and penis size is.

Whether he actually almost a Stückchenpfütze on the Frühstücksfernsehmoderationstisch by Thomas Koschwitz would leave after his foot with moisturizing cream teeth cleaned, or whether it only has seen too much Amélie, disturbs no great spirit. The diaphragm quivers in prestissimo. His wit and edgier nonchalanter peppiness accelerates the time. Holterdipolter, it is already gone. Much too fast.

The audience falls on the books table, squeezes in front of the lectern to Sigi kidneys. Please for Eva. Can you write that I am your biggest fan-so I think my biggest fan Harald? Gieriger turmoil. Elongate arms, hands grapschen. When I suggested to Bauchhöhlengegrummel. Time for the predator gastric feeding. Maximum amuses me leave the coffee refill and make me on the way into the dark night. Once Q Radio on its homepage reading than the recording download has made, I will be there with me on a board ban. Because war's toll.

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