четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Gift horse's mouth with a scent

Kilo-way dead matter would me dull and helpless gaze, it would be uncharitable not in a plastic bag gepfropft. Kauert now in the corner. A helpless, slightly stupid bunch, himself no favor. From one place to another hunted. And those from whom I got him a gift, are those who just favor. Quite the contrary. And I feel almost guilty for my resentment. What a gift and then forget it moppern, these are the right. Mürbelfuzzi ungrateful, which I probably am now. My stomach crunches angry, my mouth angle between eiern erboster high tension and disappointment ausgeleierter back and forth.

Geprickelt has, as at Christmas, I got an email that I won. Gehüpft my heart. You do not win every day for a prize. And then even a book Poertgen-Herder package of the best, largest book retailer in Muenster. New, great fodder for the bookworm? ! Great!

I had participated in the Christmas raffle of "Campus Relations", the student association for PR-Praxis. A handsome team of sponsors, they had good cause for the win and a fine package of various gains lace. Very nice, dedicated people who are beyond lectures and seminars voluntary projects in the field of public relations. Almost a little excited I was when I was allowed to drive today vorfreudig festive gift-giving.

Friendly faces welcome called me, asked me herein. Quick was the digital camera hervorgekramt for the handover photograph. Smile. Cameras click, flash! Again, you have geblinzelt grad, as I squeezed off. Klaro, will be made. Again smile. For such a happy occasion. Gespannt what the renowned bookstore itself as a price for the students so has in mind. A little fragmented but then my anticipation. When I was out there - again - with the fervent exploring my profits began schubste the disappointment, the smile on the bridge railing. It remained firmly bravely tried to back up again, rang for his life, but it fell down and zerschepperte the ground.

The joyful students had assigned the winner spendierfreudige bookstore:

First: A abgegrabbeltes paperback: "Real estate sales in Italy, acquire, possess, sell, inherit."
Second: A thin, broschiertes guide book: "My garden paradise, the herb garden."
Third: "The horoscope guide for the bull."
Fourth: A Graphologie-Set with plastic ruler and magnifying glass.
Fifth: "Indian aphrodisiacs. Brief introduction with illustrations. "Eingerissenem envelope.
The sixth "Marianas longing." The life story of a nun in the 17th Century.
7 "I killed Norma Jeane" Hanjo Lehmann. A novel.
8: "A hundred ways to see the moon" From Nathalie Weidenfeld. A triangle story, which recommends Wolfgang Joop. Plastic wrappings torn the novels.

All remaining conditions and velvet returns without "deficiencies copy" -Stempel. Eight books, a serious bunch, just still on the Billigwühltisch, already winner in the plastic bag. Hingerotzt. Spendierhosen remnants of the ramp. Actually, a wonderfully absurd compilation. Krude, obscure, nobody needed abseitig as can be. But what to do? Aid Loses Schulterzucken, verlegenes smile even from the students, a little embarrassed seem. A little touch of pity, we had to give away what you got sponsored.

A small smile dances in the melted delight in trying to guess what point of view the books collected here have been like. What more could a student be like? How much would I have a coupon for self congestion Search pleased, happy, even if only for a single, small paperback. Instead, a loveless closely wild mix obscure Ramschbücher for me even after hours of thinking but "gifts" or "dispose of" too little thinking of what else I would do so gladly. Relaxed in the reading chair gefläzt, do I become a little aphrodisierenden secrets from India to ransack and briefly amuses with magnifying glass and plastic ruler in handwriting samples after hidden motives psychological research.

Loving like I can announce who is on a look of the books would - or all of them. If the MC for the property including a nice Jacuzzi nor the purchase of a villa in Italy is planning - I have the perfect guide for that. Who between late April and May is born, and then burn, a horoscope to tinker: No trick. Briefly unscrambles the bad conscience again high: Freu you! You have won what is not ungrateful. I would be happy now, but especially about creative ideas, what I do with my sending plastic bag along papiernem content geschicktestenfalls queues. Fine, that there are other books stores in Muenster, Gutenachtlektüren my future, I will only buy there. Pity.

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